Detection - Communication - Identification

Concealed Weapons Detection

Since the 1970’s many parts of the world have experienced ongoing increases in acts of international terrorism, with increasing numbers of domestic Active Shooter incidents occurring with disturbing frequency.

In response, Patriot One Technologies and a respected university led research team have developed the basis for portable devices and software solutions to assist military and civilian security personnel in the detection of concealed weapons. The technology, which is intended to be placed in key access points, utilizes radio wave emissions to safely target, identify and notify of concealed threat potential through software recognition of specific wavelength patterns.

Early warning is the key to effective deployment of timely countermeasures, and Patriot One is commercializing its PATSCAN™ CMR technology as an automated alert system capable of covertly screening moving individuals for on-body concealed weapons (handguns, knives, grenades, explosive vests, etc.).

Safety Communications

When safety situations arise, it's extremely important to have a platform for individuals to report incidents, or receive critical status updates on the situation.

The LiveSafe Mobile App gives people a path to surfacing information across a broad range of risk categories — anonymously if desired. The insights are directly routed to the stakeholders that are responsible for doing something about the situation. LiveSafe serves as a steward of employee/student privacy. Anonymous means anonymous.

Rich safety communication tools connect employees and students to the teams that protect them, keeping everyone in the know about important safety issues and risky situations. Messages can be broadcast to the entire organization or to precise groups.

Also, the suite of peer-to-peer and self-service safety tools allows employees/students to invite virtual companion(s) to accompany them safely to their destination.


AI Video Surveillance

The key to maximizing your video and camera investment is to turn it into actionable intelligence.

Iveda has built an enterprise-class video hosting platform, allowing scalability, flexibility, and centralized video management. End users are able to remotely access centrally managed live and archived video, without the burden of buying and maintaining software and equipment. Access live streaming and recorded video from multiple locations on a single dashboard on computers or apps on mobile devices, 24/7.

IvedaAI includes a powerful self-contained server with artificial intelligence (AI) software, capable of searching a combination of objects from dozens to thousands of cameras in less than one second.

IvedaAI applies a deep learning algorithm (trained, not programmed), automates processes and uses natural language. Most importantly, IvedaAI is relatively low cost — even small businesses and residential customers can afford these products.

What We Do

Our approach to security is to identify products that provide maximum safety with minimal intrusion on our daily life activities. We want schools, businesses, churches, and other gathering places to be able to operate effectively without overbearing security measures.

We work exclusively with comprehensive risk management solution products that have been endorsed by Ridge Global, founded by Tom Ridge, the first U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security and 43rd Governor of Pennsylvania, to help organizations decrease security risks.

Our team consists of successful business, technology, security, and school leaders that have joined to make our community (especially businesses and schools) safe for employees, customers, and students.

The products we promote have also been vetted by our team for effectiveness, ease of integration, and low acquisition cost.  We look forward to helping your organization identify an effective and "right sized' solution for your security needs.


Next Steps...

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