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Company Intro

The news is a difficult thing to watch these days. Mass violence toward others in schools, businesses, places of worship, and other gathering places is a frequent headline.

Our founding team consists of seasoned multi-functional professionals with over 150 yrs of collective business, security, financial, military, information technology and law enforcement experience. We have the passion and subject matter expertise to provide scalable solutions to increase security and enable our communities to live in safer environments.  Our backgrounds touch business, technology, school administration, and security strategies. We are committed to finding solutions that are sized to fit your needs, whether physical or cyber security.

We are proud to be working with products that are endorsed by Ridge Global.  These products are proven to be extremely effective security solutions. We also are very sensitive to cost, and the products that we market provide extensive capability that is affordable no matter the size of your organization.

As our logo suggests, our goal is to detect and defend. We have a huge heart to protect our schools by harnessing technology of both physical and cyber security.  However, the solutions that apply to schools also apply to businesses, churches, and event venues.  We would love the opportunity to discuss solutions that fit your needs.