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Dan has had his hand in large productions and crowds his entire adult life. Upon graduating high school, Dan joined an internship that afforded opportunities to build youth centers for large churches in Seattle and Dallas. In Seattle, the team raised funds and built a youth center for a church of 7,500 people. The Center was called the 24/7 building and was constructed in an old warehouse. Over 700 youth from all over the Seattle area, attended every Saturday night. During this time, Dan also worked facilities for the church which had three locations, 26 ministries, a K-12 school, and a ministry training center. It’s was here that Dan began to cut his teeth in leadership, logistics, and security. In Dallas, the team worked for a church of 12,000 members. They raised over four million dollars from private donors and constructed a youth center from an eight theater movie complex. Two theaters were kept for presentations and movies. Three theaters were converted to an auditorium, and the remainder were converted to an activity area including a full service concession stand, coffee bar, arcade games, pool tables, and half court basketball. This facility was called the Neotropolis, and was a hub for almost 1,000 youth each week including groups bused in from the inner city. It also functioned as a retreat for businesses in the area. Here, Dan trained teams of youth and college agers on how to recruit, train, and empower their peers to live for causes bigger than themselves. This included security, ushering, logistics, and many other skill sets. In 2003, Dan moved to Tucson with a team and together they established a church. Dan participated by creating the articles of incorporation, bylaws, and statement of faith for the organization. This organization grew from 14 people in a living room to over 500 people in attendance on Sunday mornings. Dan created a training program and security team for his church in response to new stories of violence at churches as well as a specific incident where a female member of the ministry leadership and the senior pastor were being stalked by a disturbed former member. The security team was able to successfully neutralize the situation as well as various other threats that presented themselves over the last sixteen years. In 2008, Dan joined the Tucson Police Department and spent a great deal of time responding to emergency calls for service. His experience included tactical decision making, major incident command, and hostage negotiation to name a few. Dan quickly established himself as an expert in community relations, social media engagement, and as a public information officer dealing with members of the media from both local and nationally syndicated outlets. He also participated in creating programs for engaging refugee communities from the Middle East, the Horn of Africa, and Southeast Asia. During his tenure as police officer, Dan provided training and spoke to representative for churches and synagogues in the Tucson area and greater Arizona. He also conducted risk assessments for public schools in Tucson. Dan is passionate about making communities, schools, and houses of worship safer. He believes that in today’s world it is essential to “harden the target” and minimize loss at our most sacred and precious gathering points. Dan holds an Associates Degree in the Applied Science of Law Enforcement from Pima Community College and a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership from Regent University. Dan currently resides in Tucson with his wife and three boys. He enjoys wrestling his boys, hiking, shooting, and indulging his nerdy side by attending Comic Con; watching super hero and the Lord of the Rings movies; and occasionally playing video games.

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Dan has had his hand in large productions and crowds his entire adult life. Upon graduating high school, Dan joined an internship that afforded opportunities to build youth centers for large churches in Seattle and Dallas.